Hafnium (Hf) is a lustrous silver grey, ductile, transition metal. This element 72 was one of the last metals to be discovered. The name Hafnium comes from Hafnia, the Latin name for Copenhagen where the metal element was identified by Coster and Hevesy in 1923.

Hafnium is found in most Zirconium minerals; it is difficult to separate these two elements due to their chemical resemblance. The modern refining process involves separating Hafnium from Zirconium by chemical extraction, followed by a reduction to the metal sponge. The Hafnium metal is further purified to crystal bars using the van Arkel/de Boer iodine process. The crystal bars are then consolidated, electron beam (EB) melted, and processed to wires, bars, plates, and other metal forms.

Hafnium is traditionally used in high temperature super alloys and nuclear control rods. Sputtering target for thin film depositions is a newer application. Hafnium-based thin films are used as an insulator in the latest generations of semiconductors. The thin film prevents copper diffusion into silicon. Amorphous Hafnium Oxide has a high dielectric constant, it reduces the gate leakage current and improves performance of the electronics. Hafnium thin film coating can also be used to provide surface hardness and protection.

Our Hafnium sputtering targets are all made from highest quality, refined crystal bars, which ensures high purity, low zirconium content, and high reliability. Selected sizes are in stock, other sizes have short delivery lead time.


  • 4N (99.99%) pure, excluding zirconium (Zr)
  • Zirconium (Zr) < 0.5 wt%


  • Up to 17.5” diameter, or 16” x 55” for rectangular;
  • Stock sizes: 0.250” thick, 14”, 12”, 8”, 6” diameters

Grain Size:

  • Around 28 microns

Typical GDMS Analysis For Sputtering Target

Element Concentration Element Concentration Element Concentration Element Concentration
Li <0.005 Co 0.03 Cd <0.05 Er <0.005
Be <0.001 Ni 0.77 In <0.005 Tm <0.005
B 0.002 Cu 0.06 Sn <0.05 Yb <0.005
F <0.05 Zn <0.01 Sb <0.05 Lu <0.005
Na 0.02 Ga <0.01 Te <0.05 Hf Matrix
Mg <0.01 Ge <0.01 I <0.01 Ta 5
Al 0.13 As <0.005 Cs <0.001 W 0.25
Si 0.38 Se <0.05 Ba <0.005 Re <0.01
P <0.005 Br <0.05 La <0.005 Os <0.05
S 0.08 Rb <0.005 Ce <0.005 Ir <0.1
Cl <0.05 Sr < 0.05 Pr <0.005 Pt <0.1
K <0.01 Y <0.05 Nd <0.005 Au <0.05
Ca <0.01 Zr ~0.25 wt% Sm <0.005 Hg <0.05
Sc <0.5 Nb 0.07 Eu <0.005 Tl <0.01
Ti 0.07 Mo 0.2 Gd <0.005 Pb <0.01
Fe 3.7 Ag <0.005 Ho <0.005 U <0.001

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